Car Accident — Kayleah’s Story

Denver Car Accident Attorneys Help Client After Road Trip Accident

When Kayleah and her friends found their road trip soured by a car accident, she turned to Denver car accident attorneys Foster Graham Milstein & Calisher, LLP, for help. Our attorneys were able to answer her questions, and guide her through dealing with the insurance companies, getting her the compensation she deserved.

“I was on a girls’ trip to Las Vegas. It was one of my girlfriend’s birthday, and we decided to road trip it. We went on the highway and got rear ended. This woman was going like 65 miles per hour, I think, and there was traffic, so everyone was at a complete stop. This woman – we don’t know if she was on her phone or not – but instead of slamming on the brakes, accelerated. So, all four of us went to the hospital including the other two from the other car in between that got sandwiched.

I’ve never had to deal with anything like this before, and I didn’t understand how conniving the insurance companies can be on how they try to trick you into just getting nothing for what happened. So, I was angry. They treated us like it was no big deal. Just brush it off. Go on. Dealing with the insurance company was horrible. They just assumed it was my fault, and they wanted me to settle right away for everything. My car, for instance, got totaled, and they only wanted to give me like a fraction of what I owed on it. They were just like, “Tough luck.” They wouldn’t even hardly call me back sometimes. So, it was stressful. I knew that I had to stop talking to the insurance company and needed to seek counsel and eventually start physical therapy because I was having problems all up and down my spine, my back, my neck, whiplash. I knew that this was serious and that if I didn’t seek an attorney then I’d probably have a lot of damage later on in life because of it.

One of my friends actually had a case with another attorney in this law firm and did amazing. He fought for him and got him everything that he needed plus some. So, he referred me to this law firm, and I don’t think that the other attorney practiced in personal injury, so he transferred me to Danny Foster. It went really well. I was scared because I thought that talking to the insurance company as much as I already had was going to hurt me. Danny reassured me that everything will be okay and that these are the steps that we’re going to take. Be patient, and everything will work out. Whether it was him or his assistant, they always got right back to me when I had a question or called or anything like that.

I think someone who is dedicated who won’t take no for an answer. When you are dealing with things like this, from what I have experienced, you can get pushed around, and if you don’t have someone that is aggressive, you’re in a lot of trouble. His sureness about everything. This isn’t obviously his first rodeo, and for me that was the experience that I needed to feel like, “Hey, everything is going to be okay.” He’s a really good attorney that is definitely interested in my well being and my well being for the future as opposed to just making a quick buck.”