Should I speak with the other party’s insurance company?

Is it advisable to talk to the other person’s insurance company?

Denver car accident attorney Danny Foster has vast experienced working with insurance companies, and helping clients navigate the often confusing process of making a claim. He advises to his clients not so speak to the other party’s insurance company directly, but, rather, allow an experienced attorney to handle all communication.

“When you’re involved in an accident the insurance company for the responsible party is going to call you and they’re going to want to take a statement. They’re going to probably give you a couple of days and then they’re going to reach out to you. You are absolutely not required to talk to them, there’s no law that requires you to talk to them and I always advise my clients to never talk to the other party’s insurance company. Once our firm is involved in a case, we will immediately that day send notice to the other insurance company, to let them know that we are now in charge, and that all communication goes through me, not through my client.

Air on the side of caution and don’t talk to the insurance company until you talk to your attorney.”