If no ticket was issued, should I still see an attorney?

Denver Personal Injury Attorney

If no ticket was issued, should I still see an attorney?

Danny Foster, a Denver car accident attorney, advises victims of car accidents where no tickets were issued to still seek legal counsel. As an experienced attorney, he believes that any case where there has been an injury has potential for recovering damages — and he has experience making sure his clients get the compensation they deserve, whether or not there was a ticket issued to the offending driver at the time of the incident.

“In many cases police will not actually even come to the scene if it’s a low-level impact. You just exchange information and no one will get a ticket. Even in those types of cases, low-impact cases where there is no ticket issued, you should see an attorney to see how they can help resolve your matter if there is an injury. There are much more complex automobile accident cases where a ticket might not be issued to either driver and even in the more complex cases you should.

Understand that just because a police officer issues a citation against one of the drivers doesn’t mean that the insurance company is going to see it the same way. You need to have an attorney who is adept at understanding accidents, accident reconstruction in order to insure that regardless of what the police did, your interests are being protected.

Very important, because I have represented individuals who were actually cited with the moving violation, yet we were able to recover on their behalf because we did our own investigation. We were able to show that in fact they were not at fault and the other party was at fault.”