Torts Overview

Torts And Civil Wrongs

What is a tort, and how can I be compensated for my injuries?

A “tort,” which is the French word for “wrong,” is a civil wrong or wrongful act which, either on purpose or by accident, causes somebody else to be injured, either physically, mentally, or emotionally.

This includes:

  • Negligence cases (e.g. A car with faulty brakes causes a car accident.)
  • Intentional harm cases (e.g. One man assaults another during an argument.)

The person who is to blame for the tort is considered “liable.” This usually means that the liable person and his/her insurance company will need to pay compensation for the victim’s injuries.

Many torts–such as assault, fraud, conversion (theft), and wrongful death–are also crimes, and they can lead to imprisonment and/or fines outside of the settlement that the liable person and victim’s lawyers and insurance companies reach.

Finding an experienced torts attorney

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