Accidents Caused By Factory Defects

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Factory Defects Causing Car Accidents

Car manufacturers are held to the highest of safety standards — after all, we expect their vehicles to not only get us places, but to protect us in the event of a crash or collision.

Sometimes, however, a defect or error in design can slip through the cracks. Recently, car models with defects that could cause accidents have been recalled. This should serve as proof that even the best manufacturers can make an error. Some of these defects are:

  • Problems with the brakes or engine.
  • Air bags that do not activate when needed.
  • Defects in the tires that affect driving.
  • Inability to withstand a rollover accident.

If any of these issues are the cause of an accident — even if the car model has been recalled — the victim could still have a case. If you or loved one was injured in a car accident, and you believe the cause was a factor defect, you need an attorney to help you make your case, and receive the compensation you deserve.

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