Uninsured Motorist Accidents

Accidents Involving Uninsured Motorists

What can I do if the driver that hit me is uninsured?

Everyone who drives a vehicle should have insurance. However, things do not always go the ideal way, and for that reason, the law is prepared. In cases where the driver that caused your accident does not have insurance, an experienced attorney can help you recover damages.

Some things to consider when dealing with uninsured drivers are;

  • Does your own insurance policy cover crashes with uninsured drivers? This is an important thing to consider when picking an insurance policy.
  • Can you recover damages from coverage under someone else’s policy? Such might be the case with underage drivers, who might be covered by their parent’s insurance.
  • If the driver is asked to pay for the damages out of his/her personal expenses, how long will it be before they can pay you?

Can a personal injury attorney help me recover damages from an uninsured driver?

When dealing with uninsured drivers, it is imperative that you seek experienced legal counsel. An experienced Denver car accident attorney at Foster, Graham, Milstein, and Calisher, LLP, can help you deal with this, and get the recovery you deserve.