Back Injuries

Back Injuries As A Result Of An Accident

Back injuries are the most common pain-related complaint in America. Many people suffer from back pain; and, in some cases, it is not their fault at all. Back pain can be the result of injuries such as slip and fall accidents and car crashes.

Some common back injuries include:

  • Spinal cord injuries – any damage done to the spinal cord that results from trauma rather than disease
  • Whiplash – injuries caused by sudden distortion of the neck
  • Slipped Disc – a rupture in one of the spinal discs allows the jelly-like center to leak and irritate nearby nerves
  • Lower Back Injuries – a large variety of injuries, from strained muscles to damaged discs
  • Recurring Injuries – persistent back pain

Serious spinal injuries can lead to victims being unable to walk, care for themselves, or do the work they used to be able to complete. Some injuries may require surgery such as Cervical Fusion. Even if your back injury is not as life-changing as a severe spinal injury, getting compensation for your injury is still extremely important.

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